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Watch the video below on how to cash in.

Go Perya is an entertainment, sports and recreation website that goes along with Online Sabong (One of the most popular Online Games in the Philippines) , Fashion Games, Color gaming and other Pinoy Games for players to appreciate. It is inspired from the Manila Carnival introduced to the Philippines by the Americans more than 5 years ago! If you are feeling inclined towards gaming with only using your personal device, Go Perya is the one you are looking for! Making an account was never a problem for our Go Perya players because of the easy steps. It is free to make an account. We try our
best to make our players amazed and happy to play in our Online Casino.If you are interested to play and earn easy money in this website, read and follow the instructions given below;

To register, it is only obligatory for the players to do 2 steps.
Press the link and click “Click to play”. Use and type your active device number to register a Go Perya account. For assistance with signing in, please contact us through our gmail account: and report the errors. Our service is always available to give you a hand for any problem you may have relating to our gaming website

After signing in, open the gaming application, look for a game to play and bid your bet. We are thankful for each player we get and give free 100 credits for new players on our website (This is strictly only for one account and one ID number). Currently, the most
played game on our website is Online Sabong because it is a great way to enjoy your free time with a chance to win more money. If you like watching Online Sabong live, our Sabong is being broadcast live on our website “”.

With only following these simple and easy steps, our gamers can enjoy Pinoy games with a minimum bet of just ₱1. Your ₱1 could simply turn into a considerable sum of money with just one sitting! Even so, we remind our Go Perya Players that this is not their main source of income to avoid having problems financially. We care for our player’s.

To add credits on your Go Perya account, look for the 3-line button at the upper left corner of your screen and tap “Add credits”. Take note that the minimum credits to be sent is ₱10. Choose an outlet such as Gcash, Paypal or any other paying apps that you want to use for transferring your credits to your Go Perya account. Add the amount of the credits you wish to receive and select a receiver. Be careful with selecting a receiver to prevent sending it to the wrong player. To be certain and assured that it was sent to the right receiver, take a photo (Screenshot) of your receipt and answer the following questions in the deposit form and attach the photo of the receipt in the form.

Did you earn enough money? Ready to withdraw your earned money? Go Click or tap the Main Menu button at the top and press withdraw! Enter the amount of cash you would like to withdraw and choose the outlet for the paying method. As said earlier, Paypal and Gcash (Popular ways to send and withdraw money) are available on our gaming website. Claim and enjoy your money. It is strictly required for the players to add their active Mobile Device number after the transaction for our website to inform and send you about the status and amount of your withdrawal. This is for safety purposes
and for assurance. Please keep in mind that the average time for processing your cash out method could take an hour to 5 hours.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this gaming application, please feel free and contact our Facebook page or give us a call! We appreciate your concerns as it helps us to improve our site!

Register and play now!